Access and Manage Schedule

Right from configuring a schedule to accessing -Step by Step Guide

Access Schedule

  • Schedules are the defined routines which can be used to create recurring activities.
  • The Schedules page shows the list of default and created schedules.
  • By default THRIWIN provides 6 schedules which are repeated for every day in a week.

Adding Schedule

  • On clicking the ADD button the screen navigates to the schedule screen where we can select the schedule accordingly and submit.

Editing Schedule

  • On clicking the edit button in the schedule, which is shown in below.
  • The same schedule screen will appear with filled details of the schedule which we are editing.
  • We can change the required fields and click SAVE to edit the schedule.

Configuring Schedule

  • Configuring a schedule is like editing the schedule if necessary and giving it a required name and adding tasks to that schedule.
  • A schedule can be configured with many users.
  • With this the tasks get created according to the schedule.
  • The settings icon provided for every schedule is for configuring the schedule.
  • On clicking the settings icon it navigates to a screen where the schedule information along with task addition is shown.
  • The schedule can be edited if required.
  • On clicking the Add Task button a pop is shown to add required fields to the task.
  • After adding the required number of tasks in the schedule, the tasks will be shown like this.
  • After adding all the tasks and on clicking SUBMIT, the configuration of the schedule gets completed.
  • This will create a new beat in the Beats page and the tasks will get created according to the schedule.
  • The scheduled tasks are shown in the TIMELINE accordingly.