How to Activate and Deactivate a Beat

Step by Step guide to activate and deactivate a beat

Deactivate a Beat

  • Deactivating a beat is temporarily deactivating a beat which stops the creation of the tasks in the beat from the beat deactivated date.
  • Already created tasks from the beat are not affected with this action.
  • The future tasks will not be created on beat deactivation.
  • On clicking the Deactivate button shown above will help to deactivate a beat.
  • Before performing deactivation this action will show a confirmation popup.
  • On clicking DEACTIVATE , the beat will be deactivated and the status of the beat will be updated in the beats list page.


  • Similarly a beat can be reactivated with the same procedure.
  • On clicking the Activate button shown above, a beat can be reactivated and the tasks in the beat will get resumed from the day of the beat reactivation.
  • The beat status will be updated accordingly.