How to Add a User

Step by Step guide to add a user

Add User

  • In the dashboard, extend the menu and click on user management icon.
  • You can create users by clicking on the add icon as shown below.

You can create users by three ways:

  • User invitation by email
  • Entering User Details
  • Copy URL

Invite User with Mail

  • If you click on invite with email ,you can invite the user using his mail as shown below.

Some conditions need to follow while giving the mail.

  • If you give the same mail which is not registered yet then if the link is active then the same link is sent, if the link is expired then new link is sent.
  • If you give the email which is already registered then error will come , by saying the mail already existed.
  • At a time only one link will be active for given mail.
  • Sample email invitation for user registration is shown as above.
  • An email with a registration link is sent to the user.
  • If you click on that link then it will redirect to the user registration page as shown below, where user tenant information will be seen and the mail will be prefilled.
  • You have to enter your name and mobile number if needed and then click on next then it will redirect you to OTP screen ,after entering OTP then ,it redirects to products page then click on products page.
  • OTP form is as below
  • Products page will be as below:
  • After clicking on products, it will redirect to the form to enter some basic details.
  • Enter details and click on submit.
  • After that it will redirect you to CRM/compliance and logins you ,so that you can use the features.
  • You can start onboarding and create deals, contacts and companies.

Enter User Details

  • You can click on enter user details shown below.
  • Then it redirects you to the user creation form where you can give basic details like name and email ,and you can view extra fields by clicking on the view optional fields.
  • Mandatory fields should be filled, they are represented with star mark, if you don't fill mandatory fields ,you cannot submit the forms, if you don't give any role, then the staff role is default set to you.
  • If you enter the already existing mail then it will ask you to enter another gmail as shown in below.
  • While user creation you can select any user as manager.
  • After entering the details click on submit ,or if you want to add the another user then click on save and add new.
  • After user creation you will get the user created successfully prompt.

Copy URL and share

  • If you click on the copy URL then URL will de displayed ,you can share this URL to anyone to register them as a user.

Some key points regarding the copy URL

  • If the registration limit of the URL exceeds then a new URL is generated.
  • If the URL gets expired then new URL is generated.
  • At a time only one active URL will be available for sharing.
  • You can click on copy link to copy link to clipboard.
  • The sample copy url is as shown below:
  • If you click on link then it redirects to registration page where only you can see the organization details and you have enter name,email and mobile number if needed as mobile number is not mandatory.
  • Then it redirects you to the OTP form and it redirects to the products page ,select any product and then it redirects to user form fill the basic user details then it creates a account to you and logins you into portal and you can start onboarding and start creating deals, contacts and companies.
  • OTP form is like below, enter OTP and click on verify:
  • Products page is like below, select any product:
  • User form is like below enter the user details and click on submit.
  • After that it logins into your account and you can start onboarding.