How to Create and Access a List

Creating Lists Made Simpler: A Step-by-Step Guide

Navigation to Lists

  • Lists are a collection or group of companies or contacts together.
  • This helps to maintain similar or frequently used companies or contacts at one place which can be accessed easily to create activities.
  • In the lists page search enables you to search for any particular list with its name quickly.

Creating New List

  • Beside the download icon there is an ADD button, which helps to create a new list.
  • On clicking the ADD button a pop up comes over for the name of the list and the type of the list.
  • After giving a name and selecting the list type, the SUBMIT button should be clicked to move forward.
  • After clicking SUBMIT a screen will be shown like this.
  • Here at the right side there are filters which are applicable to the list type which was selected before between companies and contacts.
  • Initially all the companies or contacts are shown in the right side box without any filters.
  • When you start applying any filters the right side data will be updated based on the filters.
  • After you get all the required companies or contacts by applying filters, clicking the CREATE button creates the list with the selected filters and the data.
  • Along with this there is an UPLOAD button which can be seen, using which we can upload a csv file which contains required companies or contacts.
  • Doing this we can create a list of selected companies or contacts without filters.
  • Here first we can download the format of the csv file.
  • Then we add the required data in the csv file and can upload it here.
  • Then we can choose options from ADD, REPLACE and REMOVE.
  • ADD: this action adds the csv data to the list directly.
  • REPLACE: this action replaces the data from the list with the csv uploaded data.
  • REMOVE: this action removes the data from the list which matches the data with the csv file which is uploaded.
  • The REPLACE and REMOVE are mostly used when editing a list.

List Details

  • On clicking any of the list row or the icon shown below, can see the details of the list.
  • On clicking the square box in the header section we can select the page or the total results.
  • On selecting required results we can perform any required action on the selected companies or contacts.