How to View, Configure activities for your Contacts and Companies

View and Configure activities from within your admin settings easily

You can view and  configure activities  from within your admin settings  page. 


Activities can be configured  by a  user, if  user is assigned with role [ADMIN]

In activities section, you can configure activities (such as fieldvisit, calls, and meetings), you can add a task that has been finished or is going to be accomplished in future, task can be a field visit, making a call or a meeting.

  • You can view the activities section in admin settings page.

View an Activity Configuration Details:

  • Click on the Activity Configurations card.
  • By default, you will see three activity configurations done for Field visit, Calls, and Meetings. You can add a custom configuration for a respective activity, by clicking on the add button.
  • Click on the ‘>’ symbol present in the respective row of the activation configuration, or click on row, to view the configuration details.
  • You would see a screen like mentioned below,with respective configured data.

Add an activity Configuration

  • Click on the add button, present in the top right side of the activities configuration screen.
  • You would be directed to an activity configure page(similar to screen given below).
  • You can add different constraints, such as adding different initiators, you can configure who can be the participants and configure details like adding a form, which is  filled after the activity is finished.
  • Forms, that are shown in the dropdown, is the list of forms that you can create in forms, which is present in  CRM Modules and Automations section.