Overview Of Timeline

Step by Step Guide to leverage Timeline

    Overview of Timeline

    • It is a place where all the activities performed across the platform are shown with their respective status.
    • In the timeline page there are two sections.
    • First one is the tasks section which by default shows all the tasks of today irrespective of their status.
    • All these tasks are shown according to the time they are scheduled or completed.
    • Another section is the OVERDUE section where all the overdue tasks of the user from the date on which the user joined the platform are shown.
    • All overdue tasks are also shown according to the date and time on which they are scheduled but did not complete from the latest.
    • In the timeline there is a calendar, which can be used to select the required date to view tasks on that particular date.
    • Also the date selection in calendar effects only today's tasks but not the overdue which are fixed for the user till date.
    • There is a filter icon beside the calendar , on clicking open a pop up which contains different fields.