VIew Contact Details

step by step guide to view Contacts: In depth guide

View Contact Details

  • To view contact details , click on the contact. You will see details screen just like mentioned below.

Configure a activity with Contact

  • Various activities that can be scheduled with the contact are located on the left side of the page. Just click on the activity you want to do with the contact.
  • By default we fill the specific details for you. Just tell us when you want to schedule the activity , we take the pleasure of reminding you.
  • Such completed and scheduled tasks are shown in the tasks tab of the same contact details page.

View Deals associated with Contact

  • To edit details of a contact , go to contacts list & click on the edit button as shown.
  • Thereby , we will redirect you to contact details page where you can contact details.
  • Once you are updating the contact details , hit on ‘submit’ and you could see the updated contact information in contacts list.

          Note : If you are unable to edit , check for the status of the contact owner . we cant let you submit a contact whose contact owner is inactive .

Incase , if you are no longer using the contact you can deactivate the contact as shown.

We will have a list of your inactive contacts too , if incase you want to reactivate it.