Customizing Contacts Data points

Step-by-Step Guide to Customize Contacts Data Points

When you add a new contact, the form fields that are shown to fill are configured by default. You can customize the contact form by adding custom fields, editing default fields by following this guide


  • contact data points can be customized only  by a user , who has been assigned with role of[ADMIN].
  • All default form fields names are neither editable nor removable.
  • Few default form fields are not editable such as Name, contact Type and Country

Inorder to view or edit the contact data points, CLICK on admin settings.

View Contact fields details:

  •  In admin settings, under CRM Modules and Automations, you can view  “Contacts“ card, click on it.
  • Now all the form fields details are shown in a list format, like mentioned below screen.

Edit Contact fields details

  •  You can add new form fields, or edit already added form fields and also edit a few default fields. Click on the customize button, which is located at the top right side of the screen.
  • You would be navigated to a formbuilder screen, in which you can customize the contact form.

  • Please go through customize form fields document, in order to understand how to edit and add form fields.
  • After making desired changes in the form, you can save the form by clicking the save button present top right in the contact form box.