How to Access, Create and Edit Deal

Manage deals like pro!

Create a deal

  • Navigate to deals through the icon in the sidebar, you will find the +ADD button in the interface to create new deals . Click on the button to create a new deal .
  • While few details are optional to create a deal , we've hidden them for your ease of use. you can still see the optional fields by clicking on the view optional fields as shown below .
  • Enter deal details 
  • Once you are done entering the details, hit the "Submit" button.
  • Don't stress over uncertain details—we've got you covered. You can edit a deal anytime before it reaches the closed state. Keep in mind, if you are trying to edit company , clear the contact first, as they are dependent fields. You can also find the guide for editing a deal in this documentation.
  • Now that you have entered deal details and submitted , you have created a new brand deal and you can see it in your deal list as shown below.

View Deal Details

  • To view deal details , click on the deal.
  • You will now view a screen similar to below mentioned one, which has all the details associated with deal.
  • Feel free to check out deal specifics, adjust the stage, and note down notes if there's something noteworthy about the deal like when you're making a stage change.
  • We have a track of your notes history, you can check it out from here  
  • You can schedule a call , meeting or field visit with the contact dealing the specific deal , just click on the activity you want to do with the contact.
  • And we fill the specific details for you . Just tell us when you want to schedule the activity , we take the pleasure of reminding you.
  • We show the deal jobs here.

Edit Deal Details

  • To edit more details of a deal , go to deals list & click on the edit button as shown below

Thereby , we will redirect you to deal details page where you can edit details Few things before you proceed to edit:

  • As we mentioned before if you are trying to edit company , clear the contact first as they are dependent fields.
  • We can't let you change the pipeline of the deal , once it's created

Possible Reasons if you are unable to edit a deal :

  • Check the status of company & contact ( we can't let you submit the deal with inactive contact or inactive company ).
  • Check for the stage ( And you can’t edit a deal in its closed stage ( closed win or closed lost ) , for that you need to edit its stage first ).
  • We dont let you edit a deal if the owner of the deal is inactive.

Once you are done updating the deal details satisfying the above mentioned points , hit on ‘submit’ . Congratulations ! Now you have successfully updated the deal.

Deal Deactivation & Reactivation

  • For some reason , you may want to deactivate a deal.
  • To do that you can just go to the deals list and click on the deactivate button as shown below.

Note : You can't deactivate a deal in it’s closed stage ( closed win or closed lost )

  • You can view the inactive deals by setting the status to ‘Inactive’.
  • We store the deactivated deals for you , in case if you want to reactivate the deal you can do it from here .