Leverage Deals with KanbanView

Manage deals like a pro!

Kanban View

Implementing Kanban for deals involves visualizing and managing your sales opportunities through a Kanban board. This board typically consists of columns representing different stages in your sales process, and each deal is represented by a card that moves across these columns as it progresses.

You can

  • ​​Move deal cards between columns with a simple drag-and-drop action as they advance through the sales stages.
  • Easily visualize the overall progress of deals and identify potential bottlenecks or areas for improvement.
  • Clicking on a deal card reveals more detailed information, allowing users to access crucial data without navigating away.

On the top left corner , you can find a toggle that toggles the view between list and kanban of the deals.

By default , we show all deals’ progress according to the default pipeline , if you want to view the progress through the custom pipeline , you can click on the default & custom pipeline toggle .

You can still apply the filters in the kanban view as shown above.