How to Customize the User Form fields

Customize the User Form fields

Customize User Form fields

  • You can customize the user fields by going to the admin settings and click on the user configurations and click on user as shown below:
  • You can view the already existing user fields as below:
  • If you want to customize then click on the customize icon, then in next page you can see the page builder where you can add a new field or update the existing fields.
  • For an example I am adding a text field then click on text field and give the details of new fields and should make it as required field and in the middle if you are creating a new field then for already existing users what default value should be set also should be given:
  • After giving the details click on save as shown below:
  • Then after saving this fields will be seen in the user creation or form updation, from next time onwards as shown below: