Pipeline Management-complete guide

Step by step guide to manage pipeline

A pipeline is a visual representation of the stages a potential deal progresses through in the sales process.

Add Pipeline

Note : Only Admins can add a pipeline.

  • Go to admin settings , you can find it in the sidebar . Click on the pipeline card.
  • You can click on the ADD in the interface , click on it.
  • Here is the interface for creating the pipeline , you have a input box where you enter the pipeline name and using ADD STAGE button to add new stages .
  • We made it mandatory to mark ( any 2 ) stages in your custom pipeline as ‘demo’ & ‘commercial’ , so that we can still view its progress in our default pipeline.
  • Enter deal stages , hit the ‘submit’ button . That's it ! We have created a pipeline.
  • You can still edit ,deactivate the pipeline after you have hit the submit button .
  • Now that we have created new ‘Sales pipeline’ pipeline , we will try adding a deal in this pipeline.
  • Here you can the pipeline you have created earlier Sales Pipeline’.
  • You can create a deal , as mentioned above.

Note :

  • Consider the pipeline carefully before creating a deal, as once it's created, you won't be able to edit the pipeline. Choose the appropriate pipeline for the deal from the outset.
  • Let's get back to deals list and explore searching , sorting deals & apply filters on deals.